Slave Caravan Tour

By gaining the experience of Zanzibar and how the 14th century struggled through the slavery period, Slave Caravan is intended to delight your eyes by visiting the different destinations by gaining the full history of slave trade in Zanzibar. Discover the Khole ruins at Bungi, where slaves were used to dry cloves, and you will get time to see the arranged mango trees planted by the forced slaves.
Then you will go to Mbweni ruins where the free slaves were kept after the abolishment of slave trade. There you will visit the ruins of the boarding school for free slaves as a product of UMCA.
The complete activities of the slave trade had been done in Stone Town, where you will visit the former Slave Market, Tippu Tippu’s House, Kelele Square and Dhow Habour. Eventually the trip will end up at the edge of Mangapwani. You will visit the real slave cave and slave chamber, the place where the slaves were hidden once after the abolishment of slave trade. Then you will go to the Serena Beach Restaurant with his private beach for the lunch booked in a special request.